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Our photobooth Mc’s are fun and lively! We actually started out as an event company!

Lots of machines, lots of techniques, so that the “wow” effect is exactly tuned to what you need!

You want to create an internet “happening/buzz-promo”?  We’ve got the experience!

Home-base being in Montreal and Trois-Rivieres, we serve with a smile the whole province of Quebec, even Ottawa and Toronto in a bilingual way!

You’re nostalgic of the shopping center photobooths?

You like to remenisce fun memories?


CabinePhoto.ca is perfect for you!

, CabinePhoto.ca Many possibilities with CabinePhoto.ca.

Basic package

Our booths at your: wedding, office party, promotional activity, themed party, festival, prom, Bat-mitzvah, Christmas party, product launch/activation.